Free Boiler Grants

Unicorn Advice has been set up to help people through the mine field of what government schemes will be right for them. All of our advisers are fully trained and will walk you through the process of having your free heating upgrade installed to your satisfaction.






Free Boiler Replacement Grants

Apply now for your Free Boiler or Storage heaters under the ECO scheme.


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Under the Governments ECO Scheme, qualifying home owners and private tenants throughout the UK who claim the correct combination of means tested benefits could have their old in-efficient oil boilers replaced completely free of charge, or heavily subsidised.

To find out if you qualify simply fill in the online application. If we need any more information from you we will call you.

What happens next

We will contact you to arrange a survey of your property, the assessor will be with you for around 30 minutes and will check your old heating equipment plus take a few pictures of your property.

Once all the Paperwork has been completed and verified your installation will be arranged with one of our qualified engineers, if you prefer we can instruct your existing heating engineer to carry out the work as long as he has the correct qualifications.

Once installed our assessor will ask you to sign a form to confirm that the new Heating equipment has been installed to your satisfaction.

It is as simple as that

After Your installation

Quality –  You will be contacted by the funding company to ensure that the new heating equipment has been installed and that you were happy with the way the installation was carried out and that everything works to your satisfaction. This process ensures that all installers are providing the best customer satisfaction and all the work carried out is to a high standard.

Warranty – All equipment installed under the ECO scheme will be brand new and come with a 2 year warranty.

Servicing – In order to maintain your warranty we recommend that you service your equipment annually. We are happy to recommend your installer for this.

FREE Boiler Grant


Free, and heavily subsidised replacement boilers are available through ECO, a Government Scheme which has been set up to help low-income households access home efficiency improvements to reduce the cost of heating their homes, and to reduce their carbon footprints.

If you meet the benefits related criteria, and your current boiler is at least 5 years old, you could qualify. It’s as simple as that.

By completing this simple online application form, you’ll be able to check if you could qualify for a government funded grant to replace your old, in-efficient boiler.

If you do, we will contact you by phone to move your application, through to installation. This service is 100% free to use.